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surefoot specializes in the design and development of custom FileMaker database solutions for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and the Web.
It’s what we do, what we are known for, and is at the core of why clients seek us out.


 At Surefoot we love our work! Yes, love. Specifically:

We love solving problems. It’s the look on your faces as the pain subsides and smiles appear.
We love learning. About technology of course, but also about you – our clients. We get to meet amazing people doing amazing things with every project we undertake. You may be next!
We are fanatical about educating and equipping our clients. The whole custom development process is very, very participatory. When we are done you will understand your business like never before and be equipped to manage it like you’ve never imagined.
We love the creativity it requires of us. When we are working, our left-brain and right-brain go to their happy place!
Integrity and partnership are core. It’s who we want to be and who we like to work with.

We will work hard for you and bring to the table everything we’ve learned over the hundreds of projects, dozens of industries, and thousands of amazing people we’ve met. We want you to not just succeed and prosper, but to flourish.
Surefoot is constantly on the lookout for good people who are, or are becoming, skilled developers, and for strategic partnerships with complementary service providers. Call or Email us at info@surefootdata.com to get the conversation started. Include a resume, if appropriate.


Consulting and Development 80
Training 20


Jim Medema, Owner
Jim Medema, OwnerCertified Developer & Trainer

In the early 1990’s a computer store took a risk hiring a young teacher to sell Apple computers to schools. In addition to expanding his working knowledge of computers beyond MacWrite and MacDraw (for you old-timers), they introduced him to FileMaker.

It has now been over 23 years and Jim Medema, Surefoot founder and CEO, has designed and/or built hundreds of solutions for every industry from A to Z. From large “Fortune 100” organizations all the way down to small businesses of 1, Jim has consulted with, developed for and taught clients from coast to coast.

His continuing love of education spills over to his clients formally through FileMaker classes, and informally through meetings and interactions. This culture is carried forward by Surefoot’s development team as well (see below). By the time a Surefoot project hits it’s “Go Live” date, every client has become a designer/developer of sorts. They understand their business better and they are better equipped to make solid decisions moving forward. If you don’t believe it, feel free to call Chris, Julie, Dave, Jenny, Sara, Matt, Claude, Susan, Bill, Maria, Lloyd, Dan, Angie, Jill, Tom, Alisha, Miriam, Dan, Natalie…

Joining the Surefoot team are the talented developers you will see below. They are amazing developers and amazing people, but they are also amazing with you, our clients. It is a privilege for which Jim is forever grateful – the opportunity to work with people whose integrity and hard work surpass their amazing skills as solution developers.

Jim grew up in Colorado, earned his B.A. in California, and has lived in Minnesota since 1986. He and his wife, Linda, live in a western suburb of Minneapolis and have 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren. He is one of about 25 people in the world who have “earned them all” - every FileMaker Developer Certification and every Authorized Trainer Certification since FileMaker started their certification program with v7!


MatthewLead Developer
He sports a deep knowledge of FileMaker and a strong sensitivity to client needs to his work. Matthew also brings broad experience in Macintosh support as well as server and network setup and maintenance. He’s one of those “Swiss army knife” kinds of guys whom companies fiercely covet.
BillLead Developer
Bill’s love for development goes back to the Cobol, Fortran and Basic days but his deepest tech-love has been FileMaker since they met in version 4.1. In addition to earning his FileMaker 10, 11 and 12 certifications, Bill has earned Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees.


BillLead Developer

If there was an academy award for “Best Data Guy in a Supporting Role” Bill would win it. He is always in a supporting role – as in “supporting entire organizations” as the IT-Network-Server-Database-Developer-TechSupport-GoTo Guy. He’s supported organizations in virtually everything “tech” and has done so marvelously.



Lee Lukehart
Lee LukehartCertified Developer & Trainer

There is virtually no subject or technology that he doesn’t know about or cannot, given a little time, master. Though many admire Lee’s expertise, few dare work as hard as he has to get there. He is a master developer, author, trainer, web designer, data visualist, video production artist, pilot, and about a thousand other things. He delivers at the highest level and it is a pleasure both to call him a friend and a work partner.


Roger Jacques
Roger JacquesCertified Developer

Roger models “listen first” better than anyone I know and his skillful guidance of conversations with clients ensures that he always “gets it” – and clients love him for it because it pays major dividends in solutions that really mean something to the people and organizations he serves. The developer teams who work with Roger also appreciate that he “gets it” because his knowledge of technologies runs deep at a code-based level as well.


Brent Durland
Brent DurlandCertified Developer

Brent has been developing custom solutions since 1997 and has hundreds of solutions under his belt for every size and kind of business. In addition to his FileMaker certifications, Brent is also a website developer and performs web-to-Filemaker data integrations using PHP. He is also well-versed with a variety of the most popular FileMaker plugins and related tools.